最近在看一本調子歡快的小說,所以常常見到 somebody laughed 這樣的描述,沒想到小說的中譯版,卻將 laugh 統統譯成「大笑」。不錯,laugh 的程度肯定比 smile 強,但是否一定是大笑呢?還是查查字典為妙。


Will the Circle Be Unbroken

看過【傷失的情歌】(The Broken Circle Breakdown) 的觀眾,想必會對電影中的歌曲念念不忘。片首的點題作 Will the Circle Be Unbroken,原本是一首聖詩,電影原聲大碟所採用的歌詞,悲傷中透著盼望:



看一些關於十九世紀上流社會的小說,例如《純真年代》(The Age of Innocence)、《浮華世界》(Vanity Fair),久不久就會看到這樣的描述:

  After dinner, the ladies went up to the drawing room.






- Father of My Children
- π
- Owning Mahowny
- 琴謎變奏曲
- Whisky
- The Beaches of Agnès
- Sequins
- L'une chante, l'autre pas


藍空間十年演唱會 (10 Concert)

看了多年 IndPanda 的短片節目,藍空間的十年演唱會又怎能錯過呢?以下是活動詳情:

日期:2月22日(星期六) [即是明天!]
地點:香港兆基創意書院多媒體劇場 (九龍聯合道135號)



有味笑話 (PG家長指引)





「寧得罪小人,莫得罪女人。」看完法國電影【琴謎變奏曲】(La tourneuse de pages/The Page Turner),益發覺得這句話是真知灼見。


Owning Mahowny

上週去百老匯電影中心借影碟,無意中發現一齣由 Philip Seymour Hoffman 主演的作品。見影碟只有英文字幕,想必未曾在香港發行:

Owning Mahowny (2003), Dir. Richard Kwietniowski








週日補習,替學生檢查剪報功課,讀到以下這篇文 (出處):

Make a New Year's fortune

If lai see money is burning a hole in your pocket, you could invest it
By Pradyumn Dayal

Lunar New Year is great for the food, the fireworks and the parties. But what we really get excited about is the lai see. Receiving those crisp banknotes and knowing you are free to spend them on whatever you want is great.
But this year, rather than splurging your lai see money on clothes or the latest gadgets, why not consider investing it?
Investing your lai see money is a wise idea. It teaches you responsibility and also makes your money work for you. But before you jump right in and start snapping up those stocks and shares, take some time to learn about the market.
For the budding investor looking for a stable and dependable investment, government bonds are the way to go. A government bond is a way of loaning a country's government money, with the promise to receive it back with interest after a few years.
You'll make a higher profit if you lend to a country which isn't very stable. But it's riskier, too, because the country may never pay you back. For example, a Greek bond will promise a high return, but you may never see it because of Greece's unstable economy. On the other hand, a 10-year US Treasury bond is considered safe, but it won't make you rich overnight.
Choose your bonds depending on the amount of risk you want to take. These are generally solid and reliable investments that you can sit on and forget about for years.
If you want something a little riskier, consider investing in company stocks. In simple terms, you are looking for a good company. It should have an interesting product, experienced management, make good profits and be part of an upcoming industry.
It's even better if you can find a company which is innovative and fills a niche, or plays a certain crucial role, in the market. Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors ever, made his money through a very simple trick. He found good companies, bought their shares, then waited. Although the companies' values went up and down, he never panicked and sold too soon. Some of the shares earned him a fortune, including Coca Cola and American Express. The lesson to learn is to always look at the long term.
It can be tempting to jump on bandwagons. But fads can often prove costly. When Facebook shares began to sell, there was so much hype the company was valued at HK$776 billion. But the price quickly plummeted and didn't recover for more than a year. There's never such a thing as free money.
The final approach you can take is short-term investing. Now be careful, because this is very risky! Don't even think about trying this unless you are extremely dedicated and closely follow the news. You also need to understand the markets.
Short-term trading is all about hype. When there's positive news about a company, the share price might rise for a few days. But you need to buy very early, before everyone else has heard the news.
One example might be if you heard Apple is about to release a new iPhone. If other people haven't realised, you could buy some shares and then watch the price rise after the announcement.
Recently, shares in Canadian mining companies rose when new resources were found in Canada. Just don't try this type of investing unless you know what you're doing.
So why not invest your lai see money? Just be careful and don't take too many risks.

Pradyumn Dayal was the winner of the Best Cover/Feature Award in this year's YP Junior Reporters Awards


波特金號戰艦 (CINE FAN 2014)

話說週五晚去圓方看完【LEGO英雄傳】(The LEGO Movie) 後,收到阿妹的短訊,說她多了一張【波特金號戰艦】(Battleship Potemkin) 的票,問栗有沒有興趣看。栗其實都不知道那是甚麼東東來的,但見片長才72分鐘,就立即答應下來──有票勿浪費嘛!


2014 觀影計劃




年三十那天,約了阿妹去 bc 看【騙海豪情】(American Hustle),碰巧上網見到歐洲電影節 (EUFF) 的門票開售,第一時間就撲了去買【羅馬浮世繪】(The Great Beauty) 的票。

本來打算只看一齣,誰知阿妹看了 EUFF 的小冊子,就說:「噫,這齣【里斯本夜車】(Night Train to Lisbon) 有 Jeremy Irons,還有你最愛的 Mélanie Laurent 啊!」結果?看完【騙海豪情】就立即跑去多買一張票囉。(阿妹:我係咪好有用呢?嘿嘿~)



年初三去 bc 看【千里伴我尋】(Philomena),開場前去影音店逛了一圈。






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